Friday, December 10, 2010

Pic a Pic; The Perfect Wonder of Purity by Carla Hayes

Pristine, the perfect wonder of purity, a scene still-framed, serene...
A fleeting glance, a one time chance, to sing before we slumber...
The innocence of childhood untouched by worldly sin...
The sweet gift of trust and hope before life's dust enters in....
The incandescent radiance of all that is good and true...
The sparkling shine of wintertime laying clean the dusty view...
Pure reverence-- the extinguishment of guilt--reaches clean, unvarnished
The memory of life lain long in strife, delivered now untarnished...
Repentant snow sent soft and slow by God's Son so strong and merciful...
These thoughts collage within my mind's eye upon the sight of snowfall.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

PEGS AND HOLES by Pat Parker

Pic a Pic

Posted by Pat Parker

I looked at the pictures but all I could see
Was a face made of grass and a house in a tree
No matter how badly I wanted to write
Some of the images gave me a fright

So I decided to forgo the rules and the regs
And quit using square holes that don't fit the pegs
I'm sure there's a writer who will be at his best
So I'll leave this new contest to all of the rest.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Warlock (pic a pic contest)

Hello down there, my bedrooms on fire. The walls are covered with great works of art and are starting to burn the shelves that hold my manuscripts are burning. Will somebody down there please dial 911.
I woke up all sweaty and my bed was soaked with perspiration. Who was I calling down there? There is no down there, I live on the main floor and there is no basement.
Night after night after night these dreams of fire leave fear in my mind. Is this going to end with a blazing infernal or vanquish the source?
Before I say anymore, let me explain who I am. My name is Big Daddy Cash, I’m a warlock, a sorcerer with the powers of good and evil. I live in two worlds, the world of good and the world of bad. Up until now I’ve lived in the bodies of men both good and evil, I exist to build or to destroy. I thrive in the strongest emotions of man.
Someone or something is draining my powers, I’m slowly becoming more human then warlock. I’m under a spell and I have to redeem myself. The fires I dream of will soon exhume my possessions and remove my powers unless I can find the source and destroy it.
Hello my name is Wendy Brady I’m an angel and I work for Jesus Christ I can restore the powers of good in Big Daddy Cash if the sources of evil haven’t already removed all the powers of good.
Beware my pilgrims I am Beelzebub better known as Satan or the Devil my mission on earth is to remove all the powers of good and replace all warlocks with my servants so evil prevails.
The floors are on fire, my clothes are on fire my paintings have all burned and my manuscripts are lost. Will somebody please call the fire department before my body is nothing but ashes. If I don’t wake up this time I’ll cease to exist.
Attention Readers: Do you think Wendy will defeat Beelzebub or will Beelzebub get rid of Big Daddy Cash. Is it to late or is there still time? Only your comments can save him and allow him to live the good life. If you don't care you can let him burn in the fires of hell.
Dear Wendy, Pat and Jason. I desperately need your help. The devil wants me but I promise I'll be good if you'll pray for my survival. I never was a happy warlock but I could be a happy Angel. Love, Big Daddy Cash

TREE HOUSE (Pic a Pic Contest)

Hi. I’m hyper-active. I also don’t pay attention very well. They say I have “attention-deficit” but I’m starting to think that it’s not a deficit, it’s an attention overload. I get distracted easily because so much flows through my brain at one time. Add that to hyperactivity, it’s no wonder I’m accident-prone. They wanted me to wear a helmet but I flatly refused.
I have a tree house. I’ve always had a tree house or a fort of some kind. I’m not a kid anymore, but each year that passes by; I get younger, by one year. If I get back to age 30, I’ll be amazed. But that’s a long ten years away. It’s better than turning sixty.
I’m short. I’m small, and I can climb like a monkey and drink like a buffoon.
Sometimes this combination is very entertaining. Sometimes it’s just completely annoying…to others.
There was only so much I could do as a kid. By the time I was six, my younger brother, at age two and a half, was as tall as me. I punched him regularly, if he annoyed me. But I took up for him, a lot. He remembers me wailing on a kid twice my size, because he’d hit my little brother. I don’t remember, but my brother recalls me swinging and yelling “You don’t hit my brother! Nobody hits my brother, ‘cept me! Take that, you moron!”
As the giant fell from a kick to the groin, I’d haul my little brother home, by his ear, telling him to STAY OUT of trouble. I couldn’t be there every time he needed me.
I’m not 6 years old anymore, but explain that to the neighborhood kids. Each year, they get taller and I get smaller. Time and again, I am outgrown. When they get to a certain height, they try to lean their elbows on top of my head, or tussle my hair. That’s when they learn what I’m really made of! These are kid’s I’ve been scaring at Halloween since they were toddlers.
Even though my tree house is for me, I must say it does attract a lot of attention, from adults and kids alike. There is not one neighbor, young or old who has not climbed up there.
With a whimsical fascination, a whisper comes out….”I’ve always wanted a tree house…just like this…”
Yep, me too. That’s why I keep working on it. That’s why I have more scrapes, scratches, abrasions, tears, bruises and bug bites than anyone I know. And I wear shorts all the time, so they show. I sometimes appear to have chicken pox. But it’s just poison ivy.
Everyone that knows me doesn’t really notice; it’s just a part of me. But sometimes, strangers will look at my tanned, scraped, burned and just plain injured skin and gasp.
Before they know it, they’ve commented behind their hand. “Good Lord, child, what happened to you?”
“Ooooohh, just life”, I say as I scamper out of the liquor store.