Sunday, December 5, 2010

Warlock (pic a pic contest)

Hello down there, my bedrooms on fire. The walls are covered with great works of art and are starting to burn the shelves that hold my manuscripts are burning. Will somebody down there please dial 911.
I woke up all sweaty and my bed was soaked with perspiration. Who was I calling down there? There is no down there, I live on the main floor and there is no basement.
Night after night after night these dreams of fire leave fear in my mind. Is this going to end with a blazing infernal or vanquish the source?
Before I say anymore, let me explain who I am. My name is Big Daddy Cash, I’m a warlock, a sorcerer with the powers of good and evil. I live in two worlds, the world of good and the world of bad. Up until now I’ve lived in the bodies of men both good and evil, I exist to build or to destroy. I thrive in the strongest emotions of man.
Someone or something is draining my powers, I’m slowly becoming more human then warlock. I’m under a spell and I have to redeem myself. The fires I dream of will soon exhume my possessions and remove my powers unless I can find the source and destroy it.
Hello my name is Wendy Brady I’m an angel and I work for Jesus Christ I can restore the powers of good in Big Daddy Cash if the sources of evil haven’t already removed all the powers of good.
Beware my pilgrims I am Beelzebub better known as Satan or the Devil my mission on earth is to remove all the powers of good and replace all warlocks with my servants so evil prevails.
The floors are on fire, my clothes are on fire my paintings have all burned and my manuscripts are lost. Will somebody please call the fire department before my body is nothing but ashes. If I don’t wake up this time I’ll cease to exist.
Attention Readers: Do you think Wendy will defeat Beelzebub or will Beelzebub get rid of Big Daddy Cash. Is it to late or is there still time? Only your comments can save him and allow him to live the good life. If you don't care you can let him burn in the fires of hell.
Dear Wendy, Pat and Jason. I desperately need your help. The devil wants me but I promise I'll be good if you'll pray for my survival. I never was a happy warlock but I could be a happy Angel. Love, Big Daddy Cash

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