Sunday, August 22, 2010

Catnipped Kitty

Total writersblog, but I still wanted to give it a shot. Here's my take on the cat

A catnip-related incident occurred last night during a raid in a well-known club down town.
Sgt.Bowser of the K-9 Unit storming the club, said that one of the Cats apprehended suddenly "Totally freaked. Wasn't pretty. Prolly caught some bad 'nip and totally freaked. One a them declawed up-towners, more money than fur, y'know? They but 'Nip like others buy groceries. Da**Bleep** Nipheads!" Nobody knew or admitted to know the cat. Some patrons claimed he had been there the first time, while one of the catresses said he was a regular. One witness said that "I didn't know that someone declawed could still hurt someone."
Experts say, that declawed cats often have severe mental health problems due to the amputation and implore owners to reconsider. "Do not declaw your cat. If you want to protect your furniture, give the cat to someone else or do not get a pet in the first place, other than a fish. Declawing is inhumae and unneccesary cruel. And Euthanizing is not an acceptable Option, either.

Sgt. Bowser: "I totally agree with that. Cats n Dawgs don't always get along, but that indeed is cruel. I can understand them turning to the weed. Can't really blame them, considering. And that the "Nip is often stretched with other substances, doesn't help, either."

More on the problems caused by excessive Catnip consumption and the practice of declawing at eleven, right here on Kitty News Network.

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