Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The 'Skunk' that 'Stunk' by john tucker

I'm a 'Politician' - As you can tell;
When I'm around - There's a nasty 'Smell'.
Don't be misled - by my friendly smile.
Its a permanent fixture - to beguile.

Deals I've done - and there's a few;
Lined my pockets - but won't help you!
The only thing - I will pursue...
Is your vote for me - when the time is due.


  1. This is too cute John, you've got me beat hands down. Good luck although you don't need it, you are a fantastic Poet.

  2. Thank you Tamm - Hope you are well kind of you to take the trouble to leave such complimentary remarks - you must have been trained by William lol xx