Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tamara Lesley...One Liners

1. Open your heart to the oneness of God and to the profound abilities of the human mind.

2. Many Infectious Love Energies.

3. You are who you're friends are, look into the mirror to see who is looking back at you.

4. The totality of the God Source is you in perfection; for in life there is no death only a crossing over to the world from whence we came.

5. Choosing each action in life is a learning experience.

6. Good choices bring happiness and bad choices cause a lesson to be learned.

7. Tears shed over a problem in life is releasing the hurt so that you can move on.

8. Hope is a divine intervention that brings forth thoughts into reality.

9. SMILE : read each line written for each letter in the word SMILE
"Send Many Infectious Love Energies."

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