Monday, August 16, 2010

REFLECTION by Linda Rhodes


Honest reflection upon a life…

The truth spills as tears,

From a lifetime of pain,

Suffering is measured again,

In a rainbow of prism light,

Bearing a soul contrite,

Shining through sorrow, hope,

From cherished words spoke…

Softly a remembered love warms,

A fragile existence seemed torn,

Choices throughout the years,

Sometimes made with haste in fear,

Weigh on our conscience this night,

Would we repeat a regretted plight,

If in darkness we were given light.

Open hands once held us …

Unite our prayers in trust,

Gifting peace and knowledge…

To whom shall listen and learn,

An endless night shall forever turn,

If we do not wake with the dawn.

Dreams fulfilled shall comfort regret,

While hope beckons hold on,

Our story not finished yet.

Reminding us to be content,

A lifetime isn’t so long…

In the end our moments few,

A beating heart stills…

And frees a soul born anew…

1 comment:

  1. Dear William,
    I should have known that you wrote this. No one else writes poetry as beautifully and explicitly as this. I love this poem. Please read the ones I wrote and send me an e-mail about what you thought of them.