Monday, August 16, 2010

LUCKY CAT by Linda Rhodes

Lucky Cat

“So as I was saying, what a day Mac.”
“Need a refill, Alley?” The bartender asked politely. Alley Cat nodded flicking his ash sighing a resounding purr.
“I was chased by that bull dog on fifth street again, got drenched from a water hose, while I was trying to find some breakfast. You know the place that nice new house, they have amazing garbage scraps. Can you believe it though, who waters the lawn at seven AM? Then I almost got splattered underneath the garbage truck, I just tucked up small and it rode right over me geez what a day.” The bartender slid the refill across the bar to Alley who tipped the aromatic cat nip, enjoying every drop of the soothing liquid.
“Well I’ll tell ya Alley, you need to settle down. You are using up lives right and left lately, I tell ya one of these days you’ll meet your maker.” The friendly bartender warned, with Alley hissing while he downed his nip shaking his head while he licked his paw.
“No worries Mac, I’m indestructible… I can’t picture me ever settling down. Nope that fancy plush life aint for me.”
“Whatever ya say Alley… but everyone has their weakness, no one stays a stray forever not even you.”
“Yeah yeah, give me one more then I’m done, I need to hit Papa Joe’s Pizza Shop before he closes, he always tosses out the uneaten crusts,” Alley meowed drinking up his final shot of cat nip, before prancing out of the Cat’s Meow Club.
Mac the bartender washed Alley’s glass, and cleaned the ash tray sighing deeply, he knew Alley would indeed use up his last life if one day he didn’t change. No more did he think that, when outside there was a terrible screeching sound, and lots of commotion. Most of the patrons rushed outside to witness what had happen. It wasn’t pretty, it appeared Alley tried to beat a car across the four lane, and he didn’t make it.
Laying motionless on the cold asphalt it looked like he had indeed spent his ninth and final life. A little girl was kneeling beside him in a moment crying beside her father, whom was checking Alley out. Mac witnessed the man scoop Alley off the pavement, seeing Alley’s tail swaying slightly, “I’ll be damned, he’s still alive, what a lucky cat.”
It was few months later when Mac bumped into Alley on the street. It took Mac a moment to realize that fluffy ball of fur with the sheik blue color was indeed the once wild and crazy Alley Cat who drank regularly at his pub. “Alley? Is it really you?”
“Shhhh yeah it’s me, I know I look ridiculous, but well since the accident I’ve had to change my lifestyle ya know. I broke both my legs, can’t run too well anymore. The little girl takes good care of me, and I never go hungry, so I guess you were right, everyone has to change.”
“Yeah I guess, but I would never guess you’d every be content like this,” Mac replied shaking his head.
“Well we aint getting younger, and well it doesn’t take too long to get used to being looked after. They don’t expect much from me, and my little girl loves to pet me,” Alley shrugged but had to go his little girl was calling him.
“See ya Mac, hope you find someone to take you in one day, it’s not so bad,” Alley shouted as he bounded into the little girls arms.
“Hey Lucky ready to go home, I got you something yummy for supper,” Mac overheard the little girl say as she put Alley in the back of her car, before they drove off.
“Well like I said, Alley has always been a Lucky Cat.”

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  1. Another somber but wonderful story. Where is all of the contestants and why aren't they voting? I tried my best to be the first one to finish all three pictures with poems to make you proud of me. I love reading everything that you write.
    Sincerely with Love,