Sunday, August 29, 2010

Susan Hunts One Liners

Number 1: "If I'm not crazy, then there is something wrong with me."

Number 2: My dogs think I need a helmet and a straight jacket; they need the cell phone and the remote control.

Number 3: "She has a few loose boards in her tree house, literally and figuratively.

Number 4: I don't hate people, they just think I do, with good reason.

Number 5: I wish I would quit falling off my roof, it's so embarrasing.

Number 6: I get so tickled when ghosts run from ME!

Number 7: People say my life is a lie; I wish I could agree.

Number 8: If I didn't stumble and fumble everywhere I go, no one would notice me.

Number 9: "God, I know you love me, but do you have to squeeze me so damm hard?"

Number 10: If I didn't have an old man named Pop's answering my late night phone calls, I'd be dialing Russia, probably....

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